Spies and Lovers

A Russian scientist, who has fled to the United States and has developed a Life Extension Formula, which causes the Soviets to want him back. His grand niece meets - and wants to marry - a co-worker, who rescues her after her kidnappers have suspected that she may know her uncle's whereabouts. I'm reluctant to describe a film as "the worst movie I've ever seen" because, undoubtedly, one'll come along which is even lousier.

A lesbian suspects her lover is cheating. As the plot outline states -- parenthesis-enclosed statements are mine -- "A weatherman (played by James Bonn) suspects his girlfriend (Randi Rage) is cheating. A lesbian (Alyssa Love) suspects her lover (Janine Lindemulder) is cheating. A Russian scientist, who has fled to the United States and has developed a Life Extension Formula, which causes the Soviets to want him back. His grand niece.

But, without question, this is right down there among the awfulest. Much of the action has no relevance to what precedes or follows.

Much of the dialogue is indiscernibly soft, or drowned out by music. It seems impossible that anything could be worse, but, the acting is or it MIGHT be - much of the spoken part of it is camoflauged by its inaudibility.

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It insulted my intelligence to watch it and I ain't very smart to begin with. It's about a Russian scientist, who has fled to the United States and has developed a Life Extension Formula, which causes the Soviets to want him back. If that causes you to check this out - I apologize.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The friend who introduced the couple in the Cafe de Flore in was not particularly impressed by her then.

She was delicately good-looking, and carefully groomed - her lipstick glossy, her hair always waved, a double row of pearls usually clasped around her neck. She seemed to most people to have little interest in the world beyond family, friends, clothes and Hollywood movies. The success of the blandly conventional veneer she wore in public meant that, when Donald defected, she was easily able to pretend to everyone, even to MI5 and to her mother, that she had no idea that she had been married to a spy for more than a decade.

But in the s, Culme-Seymour tracked down the exiled Macleans in Moscow, and another Melinda emerged. She told him that she knew she would be going to Russia right from the beginning, even before Maclean defected. By this time, he looked terrible and was obviously drinking heavily, but she seemed just fine. And when he said something that implied faint criticism of the Soviet Union, she "jumped down his throat".

Recent revelations from the Soviet archives confirm the existence of this other Melinda, a woman who was the greatest dissembler of them all. From the start, she and Donald had a relationship founded not on duplicity, but on trust. As Donald told Kitty Harris, on the very first evening he met Melinda, he saw another side to the prim American from the one his friends saw. There was a White Russian girl, one of her friends, who attacked the Soviet Union and Melinda went for her.

We found we spoke the same language.

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Soon after they started dating, Melinda broke off the whole thing, apparently bored by the correct English diplomat. It was in order to get her back that Maclean told her the full truth: It was an outrageous risk, one quite out of character for him at that time, but he reassured Harris that Melinda not only reacted positively, but "actually promised to help me to the extent that she can - and she is well connected in the American community".

There is no evidence that Melinda worked alongside Maclean, but it has been revealed that she supported him in his dangerous double life throughout their marriage. It was never an easy relationship: Maclean drank heavily, he expressed homosexual desires, they were often on the verge of splitting up and on one occasion he physically attacked her in public. But they stuck together, even beyond his defection. They married in June , days before the Germans marched into Paris, and spent the rest of the war being bombed out of one flat after another in London.

Then they moved to Washington where, from the Soviet point of view, Maclean did his most valuable spying work in the position of first secretary at the British embassy.

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In , he was appointed head of the chancery at the British embassy in Cairo. As soon as he arrived, however, Maclean had problems with his KGB contact, who arranged their meetings in the Arab quarter.

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Yuri Modin, a Soviet agent who has published his reminiscences of the Cambridge spies, says that the tall, blond Briton in immaculate suit and tie felt as inconspicuous "as a swan among geese". Maclean suggested that, instead of these absurdly dangerous games, Melinda should simply pass the information to the wife of the Soviet resident at the hairdresser. By now, the game of duplicity was telling on Maclean. He began drinking, brawling and even telling acquaintances about his life as a spy - confessions that they discounted as the talk of a dreamer.

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They spent that day at the cafe, waiting. Although Philby started an affair with another woman in Spain, according to the Russian files, by then "she saw their relationship more as an espionage agreement than a love relationship". Yes No Report this. As Donald told Kitty Harris, on the very first evening he met Melinda, he saw another side to the prim American from the one his friends saw. It was in order to get her back that Maclean told her the full truth:

Cyril Connolly described him vividly as he struck him in London in In conversation, a kind of shutter would fall as if he had returned to some basic and incommunicable anxiety. At this point, Philby, who was then based in Washington, discovered that MI5 had broken Maclean's cover and was planning to interrogate him. Philby passed this information to the Soviets, and they were desperate for Maclean to get out, fearful that, in his current state, he would crack immediately under interrogation.

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Maclean shilly shallied, afraid of staying, afraid of going, until he sounded out Melinda about the defection. According to Modin, she responded: The day eventually earmarked for Maclean to make his escape happened to be his 38th birthday: He came home by train from the Foreign Office to their house in Kent as usual that evening, and soon after Guy Burgess, who had just been persuaded to get out, too, turned up. After eating the birthday supper that Melinda had prepared, Maclean said goodbye to his wife and children, got into Burgess's car and left.

They drove to Southampton, took a ferry to France, then disappeared from view, sparking a media and intelligence furore. It was all of five years before Krushchev finally admitted that they were in the Soviet Union. The following Monday, Melinda Maclean telephoned the Foreign Office to ask coolly if her husband was around. Her pose of total ignorance convinced them; MI5 put off interviewing her for nearly a week, and the Maclean house was never searched. No doubt their readiness to see her merely as the ignorant wife was enhanced by the fact that she was heavily pregnant at the time - three weeks after Donald left, she gave birth to a daughter, their third child.

He later passed his half to Modin.

Spies and Lovers Series

More than a year later, Modin intercepted Melinda on her way home from school, just after she had dropped off the boys. He followed her Rover, then passed her and pulled up, signalling her to do likewise. She burst out of the car like a deer breaking cover, yelling abuse at us for our bad driving.

Melinda immediately fell silent, reached across for her bag in the car, and produced the other half. It was another year before Melinda finally slipped the net of British intelligence and press interest. Her secret life during that last year in the west must have become a terrible burden. She knew the dangers if she had been implicated in her husband's treachery; two months before she left, an American couple, the Rosenbergs, were sent to the electric chair for spying for the Soviet Union.

But, unlike her husband, Melinda always hid her feelings under a bland veneer that people often read as stupidity.

Spies and lovers

She seemed to be settling into a directionless but comfortable life, wandering with her mother and children as the seasons changed from beach villa in Majorca to skiing holiday in the Alps. But in Geneva on the evening of September 10 , she told her mother that she was going to stay with friends for the weekend, got into her black Chevrolet car with her three children, drove to Lausanne and disappeared. She prepared for her great flight in the way you might expect of a bourgeois American, rather than a closet Red. The day before, she spent hours at a salon having her hair and nails done.

That morning she had gone shopping, then returned to tell her mother that she had bumped into an old friend who had invited her to spend the weekend with the children at his villa at Territet.

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After lunch, at which she seemed no more than preoccupied, she got the children and herself ready, throwing an electric blue Schiaparelli coat over a black skirt and white blouse. A weatherman suspects his girlfriend is cheating. A lesbian suspects her lover is cheating. And in their ensuing adventures, guess who they find: As the plot outline states -- parenthesis-enclosed statements are mine -- "A weatherman played by James Bonn suspects his girlfriend Randi Rage is cheating. A lesbian Alyssa Love suspects her lover Janine Lindemulder is cheating. For starters, while we see Alyssa Love's character Ruth exchange a few kisses with Janine playing a character of the same name we don't actually ever see her have sex with another woman.

Both her scenes are with guys -- first a tattoo artist, when she thinks Janine is making eye contact with the girl that said artist is working on, and then James Bonn's character. Shot very much on the cheap -- while Janine and Randi Rage's character supposedly have three separate encounters over the course of the film's events, the latter two just use the same footage as the first, sometimes at different angles -- this film had the potential to be a genuine "adult romance", but it's squandered.

It's possible that the full cut of the film of which I've only seen the shorter, 71 minute DVD release manages to have more storyline, explain why we should care that these people are in this situation, but I'm not optimistic.